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SCADA and Automation Systems

Logic Control Systems can handle all of your SCADA and Automation needs. From total system design and integration to a quick change of your process, we can handle it!

Total System Design

Utilize our team of SCADA designers to design an efficient system for your automation needs. Our experienced team thrives on providing the best solutions for monitoring and oversight of your operation. Logic Control Systems has designed complete automation systems for various industries including oil & gas, manufacturing, food & beverage, and farming & agriculture.

SCADA Integration

Having a competent automation system is only a piece of the puzzle. Integration with various software is key to being able to monitor your system and collect useful data to make business decisions. Logic Control Systems’ integration specialists focus on mapping communication between your system and your software.


We understand that your system is crucial to maintaining efficiency and communicating issues in order to mitigate downtime for your organization. Our SCADA technicians are experts at troubleshooting issues and implementing system updates to ensure you’re back to work as soon possible. Time is money and we’re ready to help you save both.